Benefits of using CBD in your Daily Life

Many people often stigmatize CBD as a gateway drug, under-researched compound, or straight up narcotic. All of which are not based on fact. CBD products are, in fact, perfectly legal in Canada, so you should not worry when adding that bottle of CBD oil to your bag when you go out.

Not only are these products legal, though. CBD has a plethora of benefits, both for treating ailments and for regular use. Here are some of those many benefits:


Pain relief

One of the more well-known benefits of using CBD is its ability to relieve otherwise unmanageable physical pain. In fact, Cannabis is recorded to have treated pains as early as 2900 B.C. After research. Scientists discovered that CBD is one of the compounds found in Cannabis that counteract pains.

Of the many types of pains we (unfortunately) experience, CBD is most effective against chronic pains, arthritis, nerve, and back pain, as it reduces inflammation and acts on neurotransmitters.


Stress relief

Other than physical pains, CBD can act on and alleviate both physical and mental stress. This is done as CBD acts on the hippocampus in the brain, thus making the user feel relaxed while also reducing elevated heart rates. The best part is, the feeling of a relaxed state does not make you ‘high’, as CBD is a non-psychoactive compound.


Anxiety-related disorders relief

Research has found that CBD not only acts on mental stresses but also on specific mental illnesses, particularly anxiety-related disorders. CBD oils or edibles are known to alleviate the severity of anxiety symptoms and so are used to treat such disorders.

Research shows that the use of CBD products can reduce the severity of anxiety in General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Panic Disorder.

According to some studies, CBD has proven to be more effective at such treatment than anti-anxiety medications because of the lack of numerous side effects that the latter comes with.


Aid in Sleep

Some studies also show that CBD products are effective (to an extent) at helping individuals fall asleep quicker than usual. This could be due to the compound’s effects on the hippocampus and decreasing elevated heart rates. Due to this, individuals with insomnia are known to use CBD products before heading to bed. That being said, it is not encouraged to self-treat sleep-related disorders without consulting a doctor.


Improvement in Heart Health

Due to the effects mentioned above of CBD on heart rates, and stress, researchers believe that CBD products may improve overall heart health. According to studies, individuals were recorded to have lower resting blood pressures after being given CBD. Lower blood pressure in itself prevents a variety of severe heart diseases, so it can be said that CBD is effective in preventing certain heart diseases.


Cannabidiol or CBD is still being researched for its effects as a method for treatment for various ailments and general human health. While scientists suggest many more possible benefits from the use of CBD oils, edibles and associated products, you must always consult a doctor before using any product as a means of treatment.

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